Business Digital Transformation

Transform business-critical, real-time information, & intensive customer interactions

The Enterprisers Project defines the digital transformation as the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate, how they deliver value to customers, and walking away from long-standing business processes in favor of relatively new practices that are still being defined.

IPC Business Digital Transformation consultants dive deeply into all your business dimension, thoughtful transformation of business & organizational activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies and accelerating their impacts across your business in a strategic and prioritized way

We create proof of concepts (POC) scenarios to demonstrate the digital changes & initiatives at several levels within various departments across the extended organizations (key factor for successful digital transformation)

Digital strategy & planning approach

Initiatives require more flexible scenario-based analytical tools that can help quantify value beyond cost reduction in the areas of quality, customer experience, employee engagement, & mobilize organizational support to move forward with the work effectively

Business improvements, customers experience enhancement, operations streamlining, & new business models creation, Business Digital Transformation platform elements:

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    Information Capture: understand any document with its information

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    Customer Communication: Generate multi-channel digital & paper communications in batch, ondemand, or interactive mode

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    Process & Case Management: Automate routine workflow & case management processes for compliance, flexibility, & better human decision-making

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    Robotic Process Automation: Automate the acquisition & integration of information from websites, portals & other hard-to-reach sources

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    Mobile & Omni-channel: Engage customers, partners, suppliers & employees on any device at any stage of the business process

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    Process Intelligence & System Monitoring: Provide actionable analytics for any business process. Automate system monitoring & recovery

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    e-Signature: Capture & verify signatures, using e-signature, biometrics, click-to-sign, photo or handwritten signatures

Exponentially advances:

  • done_outlineCustomer experience
  • done_outlineOperational agility
  • done_outlineCulture & leadership
  • done_outlineWorkforce enablement
  • done_outlineDigital technology integration

We eliminate middle layers & steps were possible to optimize the performance & efficiency of your business, we offer two packages:

A) Light digital transformation package:

B) e-2-e digital transformation package:

We ensure a successful business digital transformation journey from beginning to end, delivering a complete functional & workable solution, and including any needs obtained from a third party. Supplying everything needed to build (hardware, software, labor, written materials, and procedures).

Ensure successful digital transformation journey