Business Process Mgm’t & Workflow Automation

Business’ efficiency is driven by organizations processes & people’s performance. People needs to know what they have to do step-by-step in order to make business much more efficient. Startup or giant organizations, offering services, supplying, or manufacturing products, all run business through some form of business processes & a sequence of activities (workflow / checklist). All needs to display professionalism, courtesy, expertise, besides, and importantly, while no organization allow employees to sit around & wondering what is next?

IPC Business Process Mgm’t & Workflow Automation service examines current business processes, rationalize business processes, streamline workflows (the right sequence of repeatable pattern of activities), create sequential checklists, then automate the manual & labor-intensive roles/tasks where software can execute much better & faster.

Indorse enhancements to achieve business goals, specifying processes, workflows, checklists, actions, steps, …) that organization & individuals need to follow for each phase of the process, build a proof of concept (POC) model to visualize the suggested methods to improve business efficiency for a single department or entire organization, resulting in:

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    Clearer responsibilities, employee’s proper awareness of their work boundaries/responsibilities (eliminate employees working on the same task)

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    Reduce human errors, automation and employees are on top of their work

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    Higher productivity & costs lowering, properly communicated tasks drives employee’s productivity, reduces the time spent on organizational issues resulting in much better output in less time or cost

Business Process Mgm’t & Workflow Automation Phases:

Building organizational blocks, define the set of repeatable, well-structured activities, and constantly reassessing the processes efficiency:

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    Business Process Mapping (BPM), visualization & analysis of business processes to understand how business works

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    Business Process Improvement (BPI), analysis, review, and improvement of existing business processes. Identify inefficiencies, redesign the process, & benchmarking to initial metrics. This phase improves overall productivity by reducing process time - more efficiently, improving output quality - reducing defects/errors, and eliminating wasteful processes

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    Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR), analysis of workflows, finding inefficient processes, and using new technology or methodology to recreate core business process to improve product output, quality, or reducing costs.

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    Business Process Automation (BPA), the automation of business processes through technology, allowing businesses to cut costs and increase productivity. Identify areas where software can do it much better and faster, automating processes & workflows (document approval process, employee onboarding process, etc.)

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    BPM Software (BPMS), identify the right BPMS tool that map, optimize, and streamline processes. Built-in process standardization, drag & drop process, design process improvement, process automation, integration capabilities… etc.

XYZ Marketing Agency (Case study & differentiating example)

New Clients Process
  1. Arrange initial client’s meeting, learn about the client’s business, industry, competition…etc.

  2. Evaluate client’s needs, resources, budget their goals?

  3. Define KPIs, agree on how to measure XYZ progress/results?

  4. Shape initial XYZ action plan, deliveries within the week, month, year…etc.

  5. Document customer’s greenlight approvals

  6. Define workflow, checklists, sequence of activities, responsibilities…etc.

  7. Kick-start new project

New Project Workflow
  1. Get the list of all services & the deliverables associated with them

  2. Map the processes used to create each deliverable (ex. media printing process)

  3. Adapt workflows associated specific deliverables (ex. steps to design client logo)

  4. Produce checklists related to workflow (ex. check logo colors, size… etc. before printing)

  5. Optimize Workflows as needed

Pre-Printing Checklist
  1. Check agreement

  2. Check logo colors, size, text… etc.

  3. Issue printing order

Rationalize & modernize your business processes & workflows