Correspondence Tracking & Mgm’t

All incoming & outgoing correspondence managed under single platform. The solution effectively governs the correspondence channels, emails, soft/hard documents, & shared business information between employees, clients, vendors, or third parties are made available to authorized personal based on their roles & access rights

IPC Correspondence Tracking & Mgm’t solution reduces the time spent on maintaining & managing large volume of files within a workplace. While our file management system gives enhanced visibility & freeing up time spent on inventory counts or searching for lost documents. Accurately & efficiently track documents in the workplace and successfully locate files within minutes, saving time & money, reduces stress, and increases professionalism the moment you mark files, paperwork, and setting up the proper infrastructure

A well-organized workplace effectively tracks documents & reduces stress caused by searching aimlessly for an important file, reduce labor costs (save money), reduce stress, and increases professionalism level

Centralizes & manage the creation, assembly & delivery of secure, personalized, and interactive business correspondences,

  • done_outlineCorrespondence Capture
  • done_outlineCorrespondence Storage
  • done_outlineProcess Management
  • done_outlineCommunications Management
  • done_outlineStandards-based ECM Integration
  • done_outlineManagement Information

Correspondence Tracking & Mgm’t key advantages:

  • done_outlineComplete simplicity, security, & accountability
  • done_outlineDistribution documents for action or reference to various users within organizations at the same time for reading, acknowledgement and future reference (the distribution process is set by the organizational rules & policies)
  • done_outlineAllow organization employees to create, review, approve, and route non-structured documents with detailed history log for every step in the organizational process
  • done_outlineServing organizations to achieve high levels of services while protecting documents from loss or being tampered with
  • done_outlineEnable all employees within the organizations to collaborate efficiently & effectively

Efficient & cost-effective of incoming & outgoing correspondence mgm’t within one platform