Electronic Archiving

Adapting & process documents from my sources (physical format is translated into electronic format) and Access to e-documents is secure, controlled, & logged at times.

The archiving process starts by establishing database structure, the scanning rules, & the documents indexing in a way allowing the organization future retrieval & processing

IPC Electronic Archiving Solution helps to link, track & identify paper documents, and allows capturing additional data regarding the organization information system, enriching the set of information produced by a traditional document management system. We offer tools & strategies that allow the management of organization's unstructured information, wherever that information exists. Strategies creation, methods, and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, networking, and deliver content & documents management related to organizational processes workflow.

PS: some documents cannot be completely replaced with digital ones and must be kept in paper format for legal requirement

The electronic archiving automatically stores documents based on your criteria regardless of their source or format. Both paper & electronic correspondence such as, records, email, spool files, & more can be stored, shared, managed, simply, and securely, from a centralized document pool

Fully adaptable solution, supporting enterprise-wide systems integration standards, meets your existing IT environment integration requirements including cloud-based storage & SaaS integration. Enhanced workflow functionalities, web access, and universal integration features, we provide the tools needed for efficient Enterprise Content Management integration

State-of-the-art document-based lifecycle mgm’t